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    However, the process of creating a Bolga market basket is not a simple one. Artisans in Bolgatanga, like the weavers who make the Bolga market baskets, are now able to showcase Aside from their functionality, Bolga baskets also have cultural and social significance. You will receive one of this POT Design Bolga African Market basket (2 Tone) Our Pot design market Bolga OTHER BOLGA BASKETS MADE FROM WEST AFRICA Fairly traded by GITZELL FAIRTRADE Bolga baskets are beautifully

  • Caring For Your Handmade Baskets

    The correct way to store your basket when it's not in use is by inverting the basket as shown above. Later, when you need to use it, you'll find that the basket is a bit stiff and has taken it's folded shape which can be a bit hard to undo. The best way to revive the basket is to dip it in water (preferably cold water) to loosen the yarn and undo the fold. This way, the basket freely loosens and allows you to mold it into the shape you would like it to have. After putting it in water and udoing the fold, you simply tap the basket on a flat surface to get rd of any excess water. If the weather permits, you can now leave the beasket out to dry so you can put it into good use!

  • Maasai Jewellry and their Colors

    Red symbolizes bravery and strength, but above all, unity as it is the color of the blood of the cow that is slaughtered when the community comes together during celebrations. Blue symbolizes energy and represents the sky. The sky is of great importance because it provides rain for the cattle. Green stands for the land, which grows food for the cattle. It symbolizes health. Orange and yellow represent hospitality because they are the colors of the animal skins on guest beds. White means purity, as it is the color of the milk from the cows, considered by the Maasai as pure and holy animals. Finally, black symbolizes the people and all the struggles they must endure. So the next time you're shopping for your jewelry, remember the colors and their meanings.

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