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  • The Story of Sisal Bags and Preserving African Tradition

    Empowering Women Artisans by Gitzell FairTrade Sisal is a natural fiber extracted from the Agave sisalana The sisal plant has been grown in Kenya for many years, and it has become an integral part of the Kenyan such as sisal and sheep wool. Some handmade items that can be made from sisal include: Bags: Sisal bags, also known as Kiondo Kenya bags, are one of the most popular items made from sisal.

  • Our Story

    She learned how to make sisal baskets even before learning to read and write. The family had a fence lined with the sisal cactus that provided readily available raw materials for

  • Our Journey to Improving Livelihood of Families in Africa

    While not farming, she was sewing, knitting, and weaving sisal baskets. At that time, the fence to our homestead was sisal-cactus lined for 3 reasons: 1. to put bad guys away I learned to weave and enjoyed weaving sisal baskets.

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