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Gitzell FairTrade is a BIPOC, women-owned, US-based, fair trade home decor brand company.  We work with women weavers in Africa who produce hand-woven baskets for decor, shopping, and storage. Our mission is to make weaving economically sustainable for producers.
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We Started

From a suitcase of souvenir


How We Started

The owner, Zellipah, began Gitzell FairTrade and showcased the artwork at both craft fairs and festivals. Zellipah continued working with artisans from several African countries and supporting over 220 families. The increasing sales at the craft fairs and festivals eventually led her to begin selling wholesale. 

Aside from Gitzell FairTrade:

Zellipah has taken the initiative to launch Project Gold finger during Kenya’s worst drought in 60 years. She launched this project with 16 ladies in her hometown of Ngorano, Nyeri. This grew to support over 100 families. The goal of the project is better to crop production through education and training.

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Our founding Roots-
Sisal basket weaver
Gitzell Weavers
Gitzell Fairtrade
GitzellFairtrade_market baskets
woven dog bed-color 3-1 (1)
Wooden Spoons
Lid baskets
Natural bowl baskets

Thank You for your support and for making many weavers' dreams come alive from your continued purchases. 

Gitzell Wall Decor and more

Gitzell Wall Decor and more
Gitzell Wall Decor and more

Gitzell Wall Decor and more

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