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Improving the Livelihood of
Families in Africa

Gitzell FairTrade is  a BIPOC, women owned, US based, fair trade home décor brand. We work with several Sub-Saharan African countries and over 220 families weavers. They produce hand woven products limited to one's own imagination. We pay up front for raw materials and guarantees a purchase, saving the weavers the cost and insecurity of traveling long distances to local markets where a sale is not assured.
We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation

We Started in 1998

From a suitcase of souvenirs


as a Retailer & Wholesaler


How We Started

Gitzell FairTrade was started from a suitcase of handmade souvenirs from Africa. Now Gitzell FairTrade carries a selection of hand-woven baskets, home décor, hand-made jewelry, and a variety of zen gardens decor. 

We partner with each artisan group/family with what they are already crafting and help expand to the global market. We practice the principles of the fair-trade federation. Artisans use environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Capacity building is also our strength.


We work with artisans to develop different ways of adapting to the changing market. Working with artisans in Africa is both rewarding and socially ethical. 

We bring relaxation and joy to your home by providing the best handmade fairly traded products from Africa right at your doorstep!

Nature Views

Meet some of our Dedicated Weavers
from Sub- Sahara Africa